Prepare for ShowcaseEveryone’s first showcase is full of equal parts nerves, excitement, fear, eagerness, dread, and anticipation. And that’s just thinking about your own dance. Your mind isn’t even on what you will need to take and do to get ready. Here are a few tips to help you navigate your first showcase.
What to Expect:
The day of the showcase there will be a rehearsal of all the routines to map out timing and space on the dance floor. There will also be scheduled appointments for hair and makeup. Your appointment could be earlier than the rehearsal time so be sure to check with your teacher on when you should arrive. Expect to pay $60-80 for each for hair and makeup plus tip. Budget this in so you are prepared. You can do your own but if you not really good at updo’s and dramatic makeup with false eyelashes – your first dance with nerves might not be the time to try to do it on your own. Pictures and videos could be extra as well but will prove to be invaluable to capture the memories. Plan to spend the entire day for the showcase.  Your studio may have a Green room (or snack area) but if not be prepared with you own.
What to Bring:
  • costume for your show number
  • matching jewelry
  • stoned hair piece/hair extensions
  • 2 pair fishnets – always have a back up pair
  • dance dress/pants for your Presentation Of Standard/group number (Check out our sale!)
  • matching jewelry
  • formal wear for after party – (formals available here)
  • smooth dance shoes
  • rhythm dance shoes
  • robe – helps keep you warm, wear over costume while waiting to dance
  • dress shoes for after party
  • matching jewelry
  • hose
  • supporting undergarments appropriate for each outfit
  • false eyelashes (some makeup artists will have those but good to have just in case)
  • make-up for touch ups for the after party or if you are doing your own show makeup
  • tanning spray/lotion if desired
  • sparkle dust/lotion if desired
  • clear deodorant (white deodorant may stain your dress and you may need to reapply – it’s a long day!)
  • hair spray (for touch ups before the show and the after party or if you are doing your own hair)
  • bobby pins, (may want a few that have stones on them)
  • snacks and water- it will be a long day!
  • light jacket/sweater
  • fabric freshener -(did you know they are antibacterial and will kill that might liner after sweating body odor?? No? Your welcome!) Spritz lightly on your dance wear after you are done. and before you put dancewear up for the evening.
  • Mirror – some may be provided but having your own keeps you from having to wait your turn
  • Props – if needed
  • Survival kit

Bring all your dancewear in a hanging bag – usually the studio will provide a dress rack to hang them on in each of the dressing rooms. I have a light duffel bag that I can easily carry in and keep it packed with the other items in the checklist above. Some people prefer a small rolling bag.
The Schedule:
Ladies may need to arrive early for their hair or make up appointment. Generally the studio will arrange the times with the stylists and let you know ahead of time what your appointment time is. In order to get all the students they start early in the morning and keep working throughout rehearsal. Arrive in the button up shirt and comfortable pants and comfortable shoes; you will be in costume and dance shoes most of the day so be relaxed and comfy as long as you can!. A button up can easily be removed without messing up your hair when it is time to put on your costume. When rehearsal starts, you will have an explanation of how to enter the stage or dance floor, any other parts that might be included to go with your theme such as intermittent dialogue by someone or  possibly someone singing solos the sequence of events, the opening group number if there is one (we usually do an opening waltz), and then begin to run through of the dances. You might wear your jacket as the auditorium is usually very cold (you will appreciate it when you are dancing!) when your sitting and waiting to rehearse your routine and you want your muscles to stay warm and ready for your run though.  Know when your routine is in the schedule and get ready by warming up with your shoes on just before.
You will want to grab a bite to eat during rehearsal time if your studio doesn’t have something for you there. Eat before you have your costume on and remember  – dinner could be a long time away after the show so don’t let nerves keep you from keeping hydrated and getting the energy you need to do well! Check with your studio to see if they have an after party planned for those in the dance, if not, plan a group outing to a local restaurant as everyone will still be amped on adrenaline and you will want to the opportunity to share the moments.
Finally it is SHOWTIME! The curtain goes up, the lights go down and now you have to be quiet and wait your turn! Don’t forget to warm up again just before your routine(s). A few stretches and a quick on-your-own run through of the steps might be in order. Your teacher is likely to be on the dance floor in another routine so may have to make a quick change or rush to get back to you.

Then – Break a leg and have a great show!!

Debi Camp

Debi Camp

Co-owner of DDC

Debi enjoys everything about the ballroom atmosphere, especially the community and friendships built on the dance floor over the last 6+ years. She is a full time nurse and IT trainer, amazing mother and grandmother. Her joy and hope are contagious.Spending time around her and reading her articles are sure to make you smile.