Defining Ballroom Dance – Levels

The term proficiency level is used to describe the expertise with which a given couple performs – a combination of their training, competition experience, and natural talent. In each dance style,
couples generally begin at the Bronze Syllabus level and work their way up through Silver and Gold. Each Syllabus is a list of clearly defined dance figures. Couples competing in a given Syllabus are not allowed to perform figures of a higher proficiency level, although couples competing in Silver or Gold usually incorporate some Bronze figures into their routines.
Beyond syllabus, there are three open levels, namely Novice, Pre-Championship, and Championship. At the open levels, couples are not restricted to Syllabus figures, and generally combine Syllabus figures with original, non-syllabus choreography. Couples move upward from one level to the next as their proficiency and experience enable them to compare favorably with more advanced dancers. Some Competition Organizations permit couples competing in Bronze, Silver, and/or Gold to enter Novice events as well.

Source: Crowder Dancesport

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April 12, 2017

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