10 Tips for Applying False Eyelashes Like a Pro:

1. Practice makes perfect -don’t wait till your event to try to apply the first few times!
2. Items needed: eyelash glue, tweezers, toothpick, eyelashes (see post on How to Buy EyeLashes)
3. Curl your own lashes and apply mascara before false eyelashes
4. Wrap lash around finger or pencil, bending helps shape to your eye
5. Use tweezers to gently pull lash from the container
6. Lay lash on your own to measure- too long will cause lash to poke your inner eye &/or drag down your eye shape
7. Trim length from outer edge of lash – inner lashes are shorter and need to be maintained for natural look
8. Apply thin strip of glue to edge of lash by holding the lash band down above the glue. If you are using glue from a tube apply it to a q tip and hold the tip up to drag the lash across it. This allows you to control the amount of glue that gets on the lash strip
9. Important WAIT until tack! Look down into mirror and use tweezers to apply false lash to skin as close to your own lashes as possible, Use your tweezers to pinch false lashes to closer to your own lash line
10. Repeat for other eye!

Congrautlations!! You have put on your own eyelashes! Remember practice makes perfect so buy a pair or two and play with them at home when there is no pressure to get ready for an event!

Debi Camp

Debi Camp

Co-owner of DDC

Debi enjoys everything about the ballroom atmosphere, especially the community and friendships built on the dance floor over the last 6+ years. She is a full time nurse and IT trainer, amazing mother and grandmother. Her joy and hope are contagious.Spending time around her and reading her articles are sure to make you smile.