Buying False Eyelashes
Expensive is not always best! Start with less expensive brands to practise with such as Ardell or Kiss. Look for human hair or mink (they take mascara better!) once you have mastered the basics. Next find the right shape and size that matches your own eyes. Make sure the lash strip is thin. The thinner it is the more comfortable and natural your lashes will feel.
Not sure what is the best shape for your eyes? Try a medium length set of lashes with a rounded shape (such as M.A.C. # 35 or #21) to start with. Lashes that have the most length in the middle of the eyelash strip create a universally flattering shape. Ardell and Kiss are comparable drugstore brands. A recent trend is to wear 2 pair of eyelashes to get really full lashes. Try Eyelure or Ardell to get double lashes for the new trend of double lashes without the bother of applying lashes twice. Esqido has a line of lush reusable mink eyelashes. And don’t forget the glue – check out dark or black glue to help assure no pink shows between your natural lash and the false eyelashes.
Debi Camp

Debi Camp

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