A dear friend and supporterĀ of ours Megan Bailey Gill has used her gift of creativity to capture the memory of wearing an amazing dress. She can take a photograph of a dress and recreate it as a mini 3D dress.

As dancers we know how it feels to put on that perfect dress and dance. The right dress gives you the confidence to get out on the floor to dance and not only show what you have learned but also the freedom to move and enjoy it. Our favorite part of being in the business of selling ballroom dresses is seeing a lady when she puts on “that” right dress and is ready to step out and make memories and dance!
We are blessed and thankful to have a friend like Megan, who also loves sparkles and blingy dresses to help us preserve the memories.
So if you have “that” dress and want a keepsake to go along with your photos and memories – here is the link to Megan’s site for more details and how to custom order.
Custom 3D Memory Dress by Megan Bailey Gill