Consignment Agreement

This is an agreement between Dance Dress Couture (DDC) and the below named client, herein referred to as Consignee.

  1. Consignee will provide dress and any accessories they wish to include with the dress to DDC.
  2. The dress must be cleaned prior to sending and stones in tack. If the dress is not cleaned prior to presenting to DDC, DDC will have it cleaned at the owner’s expense at a cost of $100-150 depending on the dress.
  3. Consignee will deliver the dress in person or ship the dance wear to DDC at their expense.
  4. Consignee will pay a nonrefundable $40 per dress registration fee for each dress accepted for consignment which covers one year.
  5. Consignee will enter into a mutual agreement with DDC on the selling price of the dress, and amount/percent DDC can use to post sales and to negotiate with potential buyers, which can be changed at any time upon mutual agreement.
  6. Consignee agrees to accept 60%  – minus any fees – such as credit card processing and event fees, of the final sale price of the dress.
  7. Consignee will not sell the dress on any other website or individually, while listed on our website.
  8. Consignee will specify if their dress is available to rent at events. (See Rental Agreement)
  9. DDC will handle all promotions of the dress including listing on our website, Event sales/promotions, handling processing for Try ons, and Rentals (if approved)  and sale of the dress.
  10. The consignee can request the return of the dress at any time and is responsible for return shipping.
  11. DDC agrees to not alter any dress without the owners consent.
  12. DDC will provide minor repairs and stone replacement (up to 25 stones), if necessary. Cost of repairs, if any, will be agreed on and either billed to the consignee or deducted from the final consignors check upon the sale of the item.
  13. Consignee further understands that there is a small risk that the dress could be lost, stolen, or damaged and that DDC is not responsible for the replacement or repairing of the dress. (See Hold Harmless Agreement). Accounting is done the following month of the sale and checks sent out.